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GARRETT ENGINEERING SERVICES is a Grand Rapids-based Engineering Service Provider. We have a competent core team of engineering professionals hand-picked to tackle most engineering and development issues.

We are a nimble team with complimentary backgrounds. We take the time to understand our customers’ needs to deliver solutions suited to their specific needs. We deliver effective results efficiently.

We know what it takes to understand your needs. This allows us to launch successful projects on time and under budget. By asking the right questions we develop robust solutions.

01. Our Roots

Formed during the downturn in 2009, Garrett Engineering Services was born to solve the need of companies to manage their workload, while minimizing long-term overhead costs. By partnering with Garrett Engineering, companies gain a long-term rapport with engineers who understand their needs and standards, without incurring the overhead of adding to the core engineering department. Consider Garrett Engineering an extension to your team.  We want to compliment your team.

03. Our Value

Teaming independent resources with skilled employees in a myriad of different disciplines on various platforms and equipment allows Garrett Engineering to maintain lower overhead and better communication than our competitors. Being a close-knit group allows us to stay in constant contact with our customers–allowing them to know the status of their projects at any given time, while keeping costs low and retaining the right talent.

02. Our Mission

Garrett Engineering is in the position to cater to many different needs globally. Our goal is to be where you need, when you need it. Garrett Engineering is planning to open offices across the globe where we see the most demand.

Technology will be in Garrett Engineering DNA always. We will always strive to use cutting-edge technology where appropriate to connect ourselves with our clients and deliver top quality data.

04. Our Vision

Our goal is to develop a better tomorrow by building on the past through Innovation, Communication, Understanding, Sustainability, Performance, and Quality.

  • Mask
  • Engineering Projects
    Sea TREK® Dive Helmet by Sub Sea Systems, Inc.
  • Disney Column
  • Olds 442 hood
  • Victory Core Motorcylce Controls
  • Engineering Projects
    Cancer Scanner
  • Wheelchair Bracket
  • Engineering Projects
    Keyboard Wrist Rest


Our team is ready to support your next project, so contact Garrett Engineering today!