Our team is well versed in creating most engineering documents, especially 2D drawings (CAD Detailing). We are very sensitive to our customers standards and best practices and do everything we can to taylor our drawing styles to our customers as needed. This provides a seemless solution to your internal documentation, making us an easy addition to any engineering department.

Often, with long-term relationships, our customers enjoy a central project manager, who over sees quality and style expectations, while being in constant contact with the customer. This assures the highest quality drafting for the lost cost to the customer.

We have a special program where we can reduce the cost of CAD detailing to as little as $25/hr, making some drawings cost the end customer as littles as $13/drawing. (Fine print: This involves our offshoring option)

See how we can save you overhead by helping your team level out their workload. Let us grow and contract as needed, not your team.

2D CAD Detailing

We take your designs and models, and create 2D drawings based on your standards. Returning a complete print package.

This allows your engineers and designers to focus on the value added work of encorporating your Intellectual property into new and existing designs, while you leverage us to document your own designs. This saves non-value added time for your engineers, costing you less overhead and late nights.

Our team is well versed in GD&T. We undestand ISO and ANSI standards.

Our team is ready to tackle your most challenging projects.

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2D Detailing


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