Better than a napkin sketch, quicker than modeling; Our industrial design artists can work closely with you and your team to develop robust, relevant, sustainable designs that provoke a better user experiences.

Let our team guide you through our industrial design process that includes market research, styling trends, and color studies. Our artists work closely with our engineers to develop designs that are not only functional, but consumer appealing and easy to use.

WIthin several weeks, you can have turn your idea into reality. Get your ideas into our development funnel today.

User Experience

Your product should be clear and concise; not just in function, but in styling too. Too simple, and the user needs sticky notes to remember how to use it. Too complex and it will sit on the shelf and collect dust.

Our industrial designers are educated in developing user friendly designs by observing, asking, recording, the way the consumer interacts with existing solutions.

We do this through:

  • Prototype Studies
  • Poles and Surveys
  • Various Other Methods

Functional Prototypes

Not every idea = reality. Building functional prototypes to prove out concepts and materials is important for a robust final design. Our industrial designers and model makers create functional prototypes that can be market tested for customer feedback, saving you time and money in the future by creating a better mousetrap today

Functional prototypes are typically built prior to final design renderings to prove concepts before spending the engineering dollars to hon the project for manufacturing and longevity.

Photoshop Renderings

CAD Renderings

 Form Study

 Features Only Model


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