Our goal at Garrett Engineering is to help you take your idea to a marketable manufacturing-ready product. Our Product Development Process is simple, take your initial idea and hone it into a workable product.

We can:

  • Facilitate round table discussions
  • Work with marketing team(s) to understand consumer expectations
  • Take your idea, stretch it to include new features, remove unwanted items
  • Get costing and B.O.M. pricing designed in from the beginning

Our Product Development Process: (A mix of these, depending on the customer needs)

1. Kick-off meeting to discuss your idea and needs
2. Hand sketch ideations to provoke more thought
3. Hand built, proof-of-concept prototypes
4. Hand render a select few ideas to further finess a final design
5. Engineering for manufacturability and production needs
6. Create Prototypes (Marketing study, looks like feels like, Focus group input)
7. Further development for production intent parts
8. Prototype of looks like, feels like production
9. Marketing materials: (Renderings, animations, etc)
10. Full BOM print package, 3D models, purchase parts Data sheets and vendor information.


Our Industrial designers work with your team to understand your concept and make suggestions and improvements based on consumer appeal. This can include styling ques, color studies, and form generation.

We work with you every step of the way to help you develop your ideas and thoughts.

Our designers work with our engineers to validate options and ideas, often pushing the envelope of what has been done to innovate new processes and technology.


Prototyping is done at various stages of innovation. Early on our model makers will produce design validations on key aspects of your design, saving you time and money in the long run.

Later in the design process, we can devolop production intent prototypes for marketing research, early round funding, etc.


Our team of Engineering professionals are alligned early on in the design process, so we can develop a concept that is actually produceable. Our team pull from a vast array of talents to produce the right product for the right consumer, at the right price.

We are keen to developing robust solutions that have minimal impact on the environment. Sometimes this is “Green”, sometimes it is just plainly a quality robust design that will last for generations; not needing recycled.

Marketing Materials

When you start to develop your business and/or marketing plan, our team can step in to provide marketing material and illustrations to communicate what you are bringing to market. This may include prototypes, renderings, animations, exploded views, etc.

Patent drawings are often created as well.


Our team is ready to support your next project, so contact Garrett Engineering today!