When Building artificial Rockwork in your architectural projects, team up with us to provide our accurate low-cost solutions to creating rebar grid to apply your concrete to.

Whether you have a scale model, scan data, or artistic renderings to work from, our team can create comprehensive prints, bend programs, BIM models, and 3D pdfs to build your actual rocks on your location(s).

We have completed projects from several hundred square feet, to projects over 100,000 sq ft.

Our team can design the grid work as well as secondary steel. Hand bending on-site today? Let us prebend your bars for a quick and easy install on-site.

We will customize our solution to your teams needs. Our goal is your successful build, on-time, and on budget.

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STL Model

Whether its from your scan data, scale model, or artist renderings; our team can manipulate the data to fit your needs and geometry.

Do you have an obj from a movie, and need to scaled and tweeked to fit an architectural project? We can do that.

BIM Model

Where it all builds from. Our proprietary software aids in the semi-automation of creating accurate 3D models to your design specifications. This helps reduce time from art to build.

The bars are laid out on a grid of your spacing and gauge diameter needs.

The bends are laid out per your or our machine’s specifications.

We deliver 3D Pdfs to aid the non-engineering/architectural team members in the ability to envision and plan around the rockwork.

2D Prints

Creating 2D weld prints and elevation drawings help your team orientate and locate the rebar grid.

Bar Bending .dxf

Our proprietary program creates a multi-layered dxf that can be read into CNC wire bender machines. The Layers are named per the bars and can be printed off on labels to tag each bent bar.


Our team is ready to support your next project, so contact Garrett Engineering today!